Men Can Also Be Fashionable by Wearing the Six Kinds of Hats

Men scarcely wear hats in the modern times. In fact, it is a pity without the decoration of hats for men. No matter if avoiding the exposing of sun or embellishing your face shape or concealing your hair, a hat can finish all of the procedures in one step. Whether in the history or at present, hats play an important part of ornament and practical function. Hats have become another name of individuality and personality. We can be aware of a person’s personal traits by his hat. With the recurrence of classical style, usa hat become a men’s fashion accessory again recently.

Top Hats

It is necessary to mention the top hats which are presented in the Victoria times when we talk about men’s hats. Although we can only see them in the European activities or I the films, we should not neglect them. The top hats which range between 14 and 19 CM in height were in vogue for more than one century. Hats are the symbol of men’s status in that time. It is said that there are two reason that why hats are so popular in that period. One reason is that men will look much taller wearing top hats, and another reason is that they will be steadfast on the head when they ride a horse for their deep shape.

Fedora Hats

If we say the top hats are popular in the past, then the fedora hats are fashionable in our modern time. This kind of hats is very practical. Whether you want to wear casual clothing or formal clothes, they can be suitable. When you are hurried to go out and have no enough time to clear up your hair, a nice fedora hat can solve your problem in one minute. Both the men who care for their details and those celebrities find out the magic effects of the fedora hats. They consider hats as their secret weapon in the urgent situation.


Fedora hats are not suitable for the people who have round shape face. The fedora hats are inverted cone shape, the round shape cannot highlight the perfect effect of this kind of hats. In addition, the round hats will look fatter with the fedora hats. For this reason, the fedora hats are more appropriate for the people who have very thin face.

Peaked Cap

Peaked caps originally are for the hunters when they go hunting. Therefore, they are also called hunting caps. In the spring and in summer, the peaked caps are combined with the sports style. A lot of designers like to add to a peaked cap to their sport suits. For the materials of the caps, there are caps of the silk fabric, synthetic fiber or thread forming and so on.


The brims of the caps are always very low, so they will have an influence on your face shape. The square – shape face can wear the peaked caps to narrow the face figure.

Baseball Caps

The baseball hats are nearly suitable for all kinds of face figure. The simple style and the leisure feature make them favored by the common people and the celebrities. The long hat brim can not only have the shades effect but also can embellish your face figure. They can be the perfectly matched with all kinds of leisure suites.

Cowboy Hat

The cowboy hats derive from the middle west of America. They are mainly made of felt which can resist the rain and wind. However, the cowboy hats today are mainly worn for function the decoration. They have wild and handsome appearance and the materials are also changed a lot. The materials of cowboy hats in our modern times are lighter than before, such as cotton and flax. In addition the color can have many variations but not confined to the traditional black and brown. They can make men look like a tough guy or more masculine.


The oval face shape is bold in the figure, the cowboy hats are suitable for them and highlight their face figure.

Panama Hat

This kind of hats can be worn in summer and in the spring, for they are mainly made of grass stalks, flax or bamboo stalks and will be ventilated well. There are many kinds of Panama hats, among which the best hats can take about three months in making them.


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