Everest Base Camp Holidays

And that is a big deal. It took nine British attempts for Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Norgay Tenzing to summit the 29,029ft high mountain in 1953. Since Tenzing and Hillary only about 2,500 others have managed the summit out of 10,000 trying. Their achievement is recognised worldwide and May 2013 will see a host of special Everest Base Camp and summit trips.

An Annapurna Base Camp Trek Guide holiday is on the must do list of most trekkers and even some non-trekkers who strive to be fit enough to get to the base of the greatest mountain on earth. And so for those desperate to reach this majestic location the best time to do it will surely be the day or week of the anniversary. A group holiday to Base Camp will set you back at least £1800 per person but the memories will be worth it. For the anniversary many tour companies will be hosting extra events along the normal 12 day Teahouse trek to Base Camp in celebration so you’ll get that little bit extra for your money.

The downside to these celebrations of course is the increase in trekking traffic but this is a small price to pay to recreate Hillary and Tenzing’s first steps in the Himalaya on their epic journey. You most likely won’t ever get to summit the mighty beast but just being in the vicinity during this time of remembrance will be enough.

This is also a great time to learn a little more about the Sherpas and their mountain lives. Staying in teahouses, sharing meals and the trail with these traditional people is an experience all in itself and it was a Sherpa, Tenzing that led Hillary to the top – perhaps he is the hero out of the two… you decide.

Booking group holidays is the best to travel sometimes and especially with Everest. The benefits of travelling in a group while trekking are fairly obvious, especially when tackling something as powerful as the Himalayas. Encouragement and solidarity come from a group experience and the altitude won’t seem nearly as bad when you’re with friends on the trip of a lifetime. Make sure you book with a reputable company and ask if they’re doing anything special for the anniversary. You’ll need to book early for this one so my advice is to book now and no later than September.


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